Presenting...The "Go Home Alone" Music Video!

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I have so many people to thank for helping with this video. We used two different locations, there was dancing, performing, acting and extras! First and foremost I have to thank our director, Susana Matos, for taking on the project and flying all the way from Puerto Rico, and her cousin and my great friend Stefany Allongo for coming in from Miami and helping orchestrate the shoot. 

Song Written by Sarah Elizabeth Foster (ASCAP) and Frans Mernick (SESAC).

Credits -  

Executive Producer Sarah Elizabeth Foster
Director Susana Matos
2nd Camera Becky Yee
Editor Sean Simpson
Choreographer Crystal Barnidge
Stylist Sarah Elizabeth Foster
Hair Mako Iijima
Make Up Emi Koizumi
General Assistance Stefany Allongo
General Assistance Dave Roberts
Love Interest Daniel Abeles
Backup Singer Joline Mujica
Bass Player Rockelle Cakes
Guitar Player Frans Mernick
Drummer  Kim Garey
Bartender Dave Roberts

Club Goers
Stefany Allongo, Emily Allongo, Lynne Abeles, Amada Anderson, Dave Roberts, Leo Newball Jr. or Nexeus Fatale, Mark Logan, Pati deVries, Howard Polikoff, Carla Felzenberg

Club Location Zinc Bar, New York City