Goodbye to Colony Records

One of the most exciting trips I used to make when I first moved to New York City was to Colony Records to buy sheet music. I would struggle to narrow down my selection of song books, I wanted every single one. It would remind me of time I spent at the music library at The University of Miami, digging for the great songs that were forgotten. In a place like Colony, you knew they were there.

Over the years of living in New York I progressed to writing more and more songs and doing fewer and fewer cover songs and slowly stopped visiting Colony Records. When I needed sheet music in recent years I went online and paid to download it on some of the new websites that sell sheet music. This was much easier than going to times square, but I always thought Colony would be there, it was for 64 years!

Goodbye Colony, I'll miss you!

Read about the closing...

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(PS - New York City still has the Performing Arts Library, which is located at 40 Lincoln Center Plaza to the right of the Opera house and it is AMAZING. This is a great option if you're looking for sheet music. They allow you to make photocopies of the song books in their collection.)