My Inspiration: Edith Piaf

I was looking for some stamps to buy on the post office website and what did I come across, but a stamp with the image of one of my inspirations, Edith Piaf! It appears they have paired her up with jazz legend, Miles Davis. I think the two images look very nice together, you can see how passionate they both are with their music.

Edith Piaf is considered France's greatest popular singer and I love Edith Piaf for the pure guts that she puts in to every song she sings, the phrases have so much focus, they don't lose energy for one second. It's like she's boring a hole in your heart. She doesn't let up even when she has to take a breath. I also love her intense vibrato. I find it very rich and full and of the time in France.

There was a movie about Edith Piaf's life starring one of my favorite actresses, Marion Cotillard. They called the movie La Vie en Rose after Edith Piaf's most famous song. Watch it if you want to learn more about her life.