Background Vocals for Dan Orlando

Charlie, Sarah Elizabeth Foster, and Dan Orlando

When my songwriting buddy, Dan Orlando, asked me to sing backup vocals on some songs we wrote for his album I responded, "you bet I will do that!" Dan is an amazing artist and I never miss a chance to harmonize with that guy!

I went down to the studio in Philadelphia with a lot of nerves. It is so essential to get powerful vocals when you're recording a song. I had a big responsibility to bring everything I had to the table. After chugging water, taking all my vitamins, and drinking my soothing herbal tea I felt ready.

Well, we had a blast. I told Dan and his producer to ask me to sing any crazy thing they wanted and I would go for it. At one point the producer, Charlie, said, "give us Aretha on this phrase," and I was like, "I'll try!"

Above is a picture of us after the session. From the left is Charlie Peck (the producer), me, and Dan Orlando.