"Missing You Now" Featured on TheSixtyOne.com Home Page

A big surprise happened on April 13th, 2011 at 9PM. My song, "Missing You Now," from my first album was featured on the homepage of TheSixtyOne.com.

I had no forewarning, so it was a really pleasant surprise!

Along with tons of hearts, here are two comments the song got that night:

"I hear this and just reminisce about past love. Bitter sweet" - Book

"I think this is a really good song, makes me miss my girlfriend even more..." - Beldrake

I have to say that I really like this website in general, not just because they featured "Missing You Now." If you go to the homepage, music will just start playing and I almost always like every song.

So thanks to TheSixtyOne.com for putting my song, "Missing You Now," out front and center. I really appreciate being featured, these two beautiful comments, and all the new fans that have been able to find me.