Go Home Alone is available for pre-sale today!

Buy the first single from my upcoming release, "Take Me For A Ride"...here!

The song is called Go Home Alone and it is a totally new, fast, fun sound you've never heard from me before. I'm doing my pre-sale through Bandcamp...one of my favorite websites. (Learn more about why I love Bandcamp here.)

And, would you believe, Go Home Alone is already getting played on Bust Radio! Check out the playlist on the right side of their homepage.

Bust magazine has been representing the female point of view in a smart, fierce, and funny way since 1993 and I couldn't be more proud that they are the very first to be playing Go Home Alone.

What a great way to present my song for the first time!

I will be announcing the release date for "Take Me For A Ride" very soon. So I hope Go Home Alone gets you interested to hear more. And do you like the album cover? I went all out with the bright pink! Read what everybody thinks about the album cover on facebook and join in the conversation yourself.