It's My Blog's 3 Year Anniversary and I Just Got Back From IKEA

Hello Everyone!

I can't believe it, I've been doing this blog for three years! I've learned so much about blogging and music in these three years, and I've been doing some of my most exciting work in only the past few weeks. I've begun recording my second album and I've surprised even myself with it's direction.

In this new album you are going to see a new side of me, and I hope you like it!

Not only am I recording a new album, but I'm remaking my band. I will now be performing with a full rhythm section, which means I'm adding bass and drums. I'm also considering adding a keyboard player since almost all my songs have piano or keyboard or organ parts.

So why was I at IKEA you ask? Well, I had to buy two huge mirrors to start practicing for my new and improved live show. That's right, I've turned my cute little NYC apartment into my own practice studio so I can make this new live show come to life. I'm looking at these two huge mirrors right this second and I just can't wait to put on my high heals and start practicing!

So sit tight and hold your horses, I've got some music coming!