My Blog's Two Year Anniversary

I have been blogging now on this blog for 2 YEARS! It was August 31st of 2007 that I did my first blog ever about my experience at the US Open. It was such a fun day, and getting to share it on the internet was exciting.

This year the blog has evolved to be focused on topics surrounding my music because I have so much more news happening on that front now adays! (I still continue to blog about other adventures, the environment and healthy living over at

Another difference that you would notice if you compared August 31st 2007 with today is, my website consisted of only one page back then! Now it is many pages filled with photos, videos, song lyrics, and show listings.

When I used to dream about what I wanted my website to look like, I would dream about what I have now.

It's been a great two years! Happy Anniversary Blog, and thank you to all who have read these posts!