My Mobile Photos from the Music Video

During my music video shoot for Gardening from the Ground Up, Heather and I were both taking photos of me with my iPhone and uploading them to twitpic to be shared via twitter. In case you weren't following my twitter feed that day, here's what you missed. If you click on the photos you can see them larger.

In taxi on the way to the music video shoot on Twitpic

Antonio, my hair stylist, didn't want to finish my hair until we were in Central Park because of the weather, so here I am in the cab on the way with pin curls.

Hair in the park on Twitpic

Here's Antonio working on the back of the hair style. The reason my hair has so much height is because he used a large piece of fake hair underneath that he totally covered with my own natural hair. 

Behind the scenes on Twitpic

Here I am with my look complete. This was the first shot of the day. Bobby, the director, is holding that white shield to light me where there are shadows, and Jay is holding the camera.

The laying on the grass shot. on Twitpic

I took this photo of myself when I was doing a shot laying in the grass. You can really see a close up of my makeup here.

New look in a cab ready for some fresh shots. on Twitpic

After the Central Park portion of the shoot, we all went back to my place and Antonio changed my hair for the city look. We also did a wardrobe and makeup change.

I hope you enjoyed these photos. Remember, the music video debuts in September!