My First Music Video

It's official, August 10th I'm shooting my very first music video for my song, Gardening from the Ground Up. It has been hard to coordinate all the schedules and confirm the concept, but it's all ready to go now. All I have to do is finish putting together my outfits because I decided to do my own wardrobe!

I don't know exactly what I'll be wearing, only one skirt is officially decided on, but let me tell you what, the skirt is FAB! It is so fab that the outfit will be coordinated around it. It is a design that I've only seen in fairy tales, and I'm in love with it.

Although the shoot will take place in August, the final product will not be ready till September, so hold onto your hats until then. And of course, it will be debuted right here on the blog!

Wish me luck!