You Know You Need A Fresh Ringtone

That ringtone of yours is soooo stale and you know it! Now is the perfect time for a change.

Because...Sarah Elizabeth Foster ringtones are now available for sale on the top ringtone websites!

I was first alerted to the demand for Sarah Elizabeth Foster ringtones from my close friend Amy Owen. I was hanging out with her when someone called her and I heard my song "Wake Up!" It was so exciting to see that she was enjoying my music in this way. I was beyond flattered!

She has an iPhone, so she was able to buy the ringtone on iTunes. BUT, iTunes ringtones are only available for iPhone owners and people who originally bought the song digitally on iTunes. (strict restrictions!)

But Amy got me thinking about ringtones, and I decided to look into making them available for people who don't have iPhones, and now that day has finally come.

I can't list all the different kinds of phones and carriers that are eligible to buy them here, but when you try to buy a ringtone, these sites will notify you if your phone is not compatible.

FYI: Nancy has a blackberry on Verizon and was able to buy a ringtone from Thumbplay, but not Myxer.

I hope you consider downloading a ringtone, it is the cool thing to do!

Here are your options.