I Heart Squarespace

I go around town telling every blogger I meet how great Squarespace is, but I've never told my readers.

This is the story of my blogging evolution...

When I started blogging I used the free google blog platform, Blogger. I didn't really know where to start and it was the easiest. I picked their most basic looking, clean template and went to work. I really loved blogging, especially sharing thoughts about the environment and healthy living. My music hadn't taken off yet, so I focused on those topics at first. I loved sharing my knowledge on the internet. Eventually I added a music player to the side bar of the blog, and other widgets, but I longed to have multiple pages on my website and Blogger left much to be desired.

I kept thinking in those days that there must be a blog service where you can integrate the blog into the rest of your website seamlessly. But, I couldn't find anything, so I began contacting web designers and got a quote for $10,000! This large sum sent me back to the drawing board. I was googling "blogging" like crazy looking for something I could do myself, and then I stumbled upon Squarespace!

Squarespace is so much more than I ever could have hoped for, it has allowed me to use multiple blogs in my site in nontraditional ways. I use a "blog" for my press page to help me easily present my press clippings. I use a "blog" to present my past performances. Almost anything I've dreamed up to offer on my site, I've been able to accomplish.

To show you what is possible with Squarespace, check out www.HealthandHappinessClub.com, www.StudioSarahRecords.com, and www.StudioSarahMusicPublishing.com. All of these sites I designed with Squarespace.  

Squarespace is not a free service, but I think what they charge is VERY reasonable and worth it. If you're looking to start a blog, don't beat around the bush, go with Squarespace.