My Most Popular Song To Date

I don't know if anyone was wondering what my most popular song is, but I'll tell you anyway. Here at Studio Sarah Records whenever we open up "Gardening from the Ground Up Part 1" on iTunes it looks like the popularity indicators have gone in an unexpected direction. This has lead me to believe that those indicators are not so accurate. Here are the true rankings from all the digital sales combined.

I have to point out that the rankings are very close, so none of you are losers here!

Ranking of Popularity to Date Based on Sales

1. Wake Up

2. Gardening from the Ground Up

3. Be My Friend Always

4. Missing You Now

5. Let's Go Away

As you can see, the ranking almost goes in the order of the album except that Be My Friend Always has surpassed Missing You Now. As you might know if you read the song descriptions in the music section here on the site, Be My Friend Always is my favorite song. The recording process was very enjoyable for me and the finished product fully met my vision for the song. But, I have always loved Wake Up and am so glad to hear how much others have found meaning in it's lyrics.

Congratulations Wake Up!