Our first Live Stream - from a Tech Perspective

Streaming video of an event LIVE over the internet is becoming more and more popular I’ve found out recently.  When I heard that this was possible, I immediately thought of streaming my performances live. 

I figured, even if it didn’t work out, we had to jump in and give it a try.  Well, it certainly wasn’t perfect, but you can see for yourself below...

These are the things we are going to do differently for next time...

  1. We are not going to use a cell phone (we used a Blackberry Curve with 3G Service).  That means no mobile shooting.  We will start the stream after we have everything set up and are connected to high speed internet at the venue.
  2. We will use a camera connected to a laptop that is connected to high speed internet (we hope the venue will let us tap into their wireless internet).  This will be faster than the cell phone’s 3G internet connection we used last time.
  3. We will use a better webcam on the market OR use a regular video camera that we connect to the laptop via firewire.
  4. The service we used for this stream is www.Qik.com.  For the next stream we will use www.Mogulus.com.  I’m also keeping my eye on www.UStream.com.

One thing we’re not going to do yet, but that we might do in the future is get a special dedicated microphone to improve the sound quality.  I think the sound will already be improved using the built in microphone’s of the nicer cameras we’re considering, so we will wait to do any upgrades on the sound.  But this could follow soon!

Hope you tune into our next live broadcast!  Mark your calendar!

Friday, April 24th, 2009
7:30PM Live Streaming Begins
8PM Show
Broadcast from Waltz-Astoria on www.sarahelizabethfoster.com/movies
Astoria, Queens, New York City