My First Trip to Canada

I'm off to Montreal today for my first trip to Canada. I will be flying on a very short flight from New York to Montreal. I'm excited to relax and enjoy some good food and see the city!

Also, today is my Grandpa's 85th Birthday. Happy Birthday Grandpa!!! He is down in Houston, where I assume it will not be as cold as Canada.

And, my first music video has now had over 200 views when you combine the views from Vimeo and YouTube! I don't know how many people have watched in on Facebook because they don't give you a count, but if you add that in, I think it's much more. 

Thanks for spreading the video to friends. A lot of people from the mailing list emailed me saying they would forward the music video to friends, so THANK YOU! And if this is your first time reading my blog, then I'd like to say welcome!