This Week of Cleansing

If you read the blog, you've probably gotten the hint that I love yoga, but this blog is not about cleansing yourself with yoga. This week I've been cleansing my HOME of PAPERS!

After getting the ubergadget-of-the-moment, the Amazon Kindle, I gave away many of my books that I had no intention of reading again and that had no emotional meaning (I do have a few books signed by their authors, books that I've received as gifts with messages written in them, and the Bible of course). This was all very nice and gave me MUCH needed shelf space in my bedroom for more shoes.

Now I've set my sites on scanning all my business and personal documents that are hogging the shelf space over my desk. I never even look at these papers because I'm so used to getting information from my computer, it just never occurs to me to look in my paper files for information. All this great stuff has been going to waste.

Now...before you get started on a project like this, you are going to need...

1. A Scanner.

2. Adobe Acrobat Professional.

3. A Shredder.

4. A Recycling Bin.

5. An External Hard Drive. 

6. Patience.

7. An Assistant. (Optional)

Heather has also helped on this project spending a total of two and a half days just scanning and organizing. I've spent who knows how long because I've worked on it sporadically throughout the week.

For your information, this will end up being more than just scanning. It will require you to look at some old papers and figure out what to do with them. This will slow you down, so you must try to stay focused and keep moving or you will get bogged down and never finish. I suggest putting some of these things aside and going back to them.

Also, I'm putting aside a few handwritten notes I've made to a "memories" section. Even though I have these scanned, I think it will be nice to look back on some of them down the line. But they don't need to reside in my office taking up space.

Now you've done all the hard work, time to BACK UP YOUR FILES!!! Now is not the time to risk a computer crashing, your whole life is now on you computer! Get an external hard drive or a little USB flash drive or whatever works for you and back up your files!

We've finally made it to a time where paperless life is an option. With an iPhone and a Kindle and a Netbook we can take our virtual papers with us. And we can really start saving some trees!