Big Day Tomorrow

Hello my bloggers,

You've been waiting very patiently for this album. I will give you some inside info now. Tomorrow is a big day. Why is it a big day? Because we are recording a song totally live. It is a song Assaf and I already recorded, but I felt very strongly that it wasn't quite right, so we scrapped the whole thing and we're taking a risk.

The schedule is...
10am Kenji (the guitar player), Nancy (the assistant), and I meet Assaf (the producer) at the studio
10am till Noon Kenji and I rehearse
Noon Taylor (the cellist) arrives
Noon till 8pm we rehearse and then record

Nancy will be taking video and pictures the whole time, so expect some good shots. We are looking for the magic of this song, "Be My Friend Always," and I think we will find it.