Planet Green Channel 114

I have discovered a new TV channel. It is called Planet Green, and on New York City Time Warner Cable it is channel 114. It is the best TV channel ever! All their shows are about being environmentally conscious.

You see people renovating their homes in all kinds of interesting green ways. They even have an entertainment news type show where they talk about what green things people in Hollywood are doing. And this is the most amazing part...even their COMMERCIALS make you want to be a better person! There aren't any pharmaceutical companies convincing me I have a disease, but there are companies talking about all the green efforts they are making.

The Planet Green shows that are on my tivo right now are...

Living with Ed - This show is a hilarious reality show about the very funny actor, Ed Begley, Jr. and his wife Rachelle living a recycle filled life in Los Angeles.
Greensburg - This is about the Kansas town, Greensburg, that was wiped out by a tornado and is rebuilding green. The story line goes very slowly, but it is still interesting.
The G Word - This is just a generally informative show.

I also enjoy Renovation Nation, but it hasn't gotten a slot on my DVR yet.