American Folk Art Museum Gig

Tonight I'm playing at the American Folk Art Museum! I think I will actually be going on at 6:45pm. I know I've had 6pm written in my right column for a long time, sorry. I will be hanging out there from 5:30pm on, so if you get there early come say hi to me!

This gig is free, and the museum is free, so you're crazy not to come if you're even remotely near New York City. I will be playing five songs because my album is only half way finished (5 out of 10 songs), and I want to perform the songs that I have already revised for the album.

I'm performing alone and accompanying myself by playing my keyboard. Today I will be lugging this 50lb keyboard down my four flights of stairs, cramming it into a cab, and setting it up at the museum. I do have one person to help me (Unlike gigs in the past!). From now on I will be performing with a guitar player if at all possible, and eventually a full band!

So, please come to the show, and if not, look out for videos and photos of it here. And please make comments here about the show. I really love reading them!!!