Kenji's Holiday Charity Gift

My guitar player and friend, Kenji Shinagawa, is doing something inspiring this holiday season.  Read below for details and pick up his album if you haven't already.

Hello everyone,

This Holiday season, I will be donating a portion of the sales of my album to charity.  If you do not already own a copy of "Perhaps, Drawing Again," or would like to purchase one as a gift, pick one up between now and December 25, and $5 from each CD (that's 50%!!!) will be donated to GOTO.  GOTO is a non-profit organization that provides underprivileged kids with music and art programs.  I, myself, attended music programs as a kid, and they were very fruitful and encouraging experiences.  For more information on GOTO, visit  The CD's are on sale for $10 (+$2 shipping.  If you order more than one copy in the same order, you will only be charged for the shipping once!), and this purchase must be made through my MyspaceMusic site.  This offer is not available through other online retailers.

To buy a copy and give:  

1) Visit

2) Scroll down until you see the picture of the album and the "Buy Now" icon provided by Paypal on the left side of the screen.  

3) Click on "Buy Now," and you will be directed to a safe and secure Paypal site.  

4) You DO NOT have to have a Paypal account.  If do not have a Paypal account, simply choose the option to your left where it says, "Don't have a Paypal account?"  Follow the instructions and pay securely using your credit card.  You are still paying using Paypal, so it is safe and secure.  This transaction will not go through Myspace or other sites, and any information shared can only be shared with Paypal and myself.

If would like to receive the CD before Christmas as a gift, please place your order by December 17 for NY residents, and December 16 for everybody else (due to the high volume of mail during the Holidays, I cannot guarantee the date of arrival.  Sorry!  Place your order as early as possible!).

2008 was an exciting year filled with memorable shows, a CD review, an online interview, a radio airplay, and much more.  Thanks to all those who supported my music this year!  

Happy Holidays!!!