Studio Sarah Shenanigans: A Bystander's POV

So, Yes, I am the devoted Sarah Elizabeth Foster fan who flew 1400 miles and was awake for 20 hours so that I could behold the greatness that was the Sarah Elizabeth Foster AlbumRelease Party. And I was not disappointed. 

If you spoke to me that evening, you were probably not disappointed either, as I proved to the world once again that, yes, it is possible to put your foot that far in your mouth. You think I would have learned my lesson when I sprained my bootius maximus Freshman year of college by illustrating this act physically and miscalculated my newfound flexibility from ballet. Did I mention that I lived on a 4th floor walkup? Ah, that was a fun semester. At least my lax social graces are extremely entertaining to watch, although they may have given my friend eye strain while attempting to save me from embarrassment with exaggerated eye bugging (which, helpful hint, is very difficult for the sleep-deprived to interpret. I totally thought her contacts were drying out. My bad).

Aside from my making Miss Manners hang her head in shame, the evening was a great success. Sarah and her band are as amazing to listen to in person as they are on CD. Very few artists can do this, and Sarah knocked our proverbial socks off. What a voice! And that violist was pretty inspiring, too. I may have even hooted and hollered a little bit and proclaimed loudly after "Wake Up" that it was totally my favorite. Because it is. And you should totally memorize it because it is that awesome. 

As my bed is calling me, perhaps reminding me that it is also not wise for the sleep-deprived to blog, this will be all she wrote. I will, however, leave you with some parting advice just in case you missed the gloriousness of the CD release party: 

1. Definitely come to the next one because not only will you get to listen to some great music, but there will obviously be some entertaining people and a high possibility of delicious organic cinnamon cupcakes (which may have appeared in my dreams that night because I have an preternatural love of cake).

2. Buy a t-shirt. They are super cute, comfy, great to sleep in, AND are organic, so you don't have to worry about getting toxins all up in your sheets.

3. Buy a CD. This way, you can listen to some incredible tunes at work without having your workers complain about you taking up too much bandwidth because you're streaming music from Sarah's website. It's a win-win situation.

4. Don't let people take pictures of you when you've been up for 20 hours. It's never pretty.

Happy Holidays!