Finally Free - Song Announcement

I'm ANNOUNCING my first song off my first album......FINALLY FREE!!!!

After about a million hours in the studio, here it is. There will be a few minor changes and tweaks, but I'm ready for it to be heard!

About the song:
I wrote Finally Free all in one night next to a keyboard on a visit to Miami in 2005. When I showed it to my producer recently, he said it needed a bridge section. I agreed, but was so intimidated by the idea of reopening the lyrics process for the song. I tentatively went to work and wrote new lyrics and melody for the bridge and showed them to him. With his support, we recorded the new section, and of course, now it is my favorite part of the song! It is the section that starts out, "Maybe it was my honesty..."

I hope you enjoy the song. The most meaningful way to discover new music is from a friend, so if you like it, I would love for you to tell friends.

I'm already recording the next song, so check back for more song announcements soon!