Special Grandpa Performance of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

In my opinion, there is no better song than Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg's, "Over the Rainbow."

I knew the perfect time for me to sing my favorite song live for the first time was for the very special show I put together for my Grandfather at his retirement home. 

(My Grandfather's sitting in the front row on the right, second from the center.)

The fabulous Houston, Texas pianist, Dehner Franks, played a gorgeous Steinway piano that one of the residents owns and lends for performances. Even though the very small speakers that you can see in each corner had a little trouble with the more powerful parts of the song, I still think the performance shines through and I'm proud to share it with you.  

Remember, if you are ever feeling low, or think you can't go on, sing this song. It's always there for you. 

After the show, my Grandfather and I taped the interview video below in ONE TAKE! We had never done a video together before, but we made a great team!

And below is my Grandpa's first selfie this Thanksgiving from my instagram profile.

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My first selfie with my Grandpa on Thanksgiving who turned 91 a few weeks ago.

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Enjoy My Version of "Sleigh Ride" this Christmas!

Christmas is here and it's time to refresh your holiday playlist! 

You can find my recording of "Sleigh Ride" by searching "Sarah Elizabeth Foster" on your favorite music website. I've also included a YouTube video of it below.

Make sure to listen until the end because there's some great improvising with me and the trumpet that I don't want you to miss!

Let me know in the comments what your favorite holiday songs are so I can get ideas for my next cover song! 

One of my absolute favorites is "Toyland" sung by Doris Day in 1964. I'm including that YouTube video as well if you haven't heard it!